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I and my family were supposed to fly on an Air India flight on 18th May, but due to some circumstances, I had to cancel my ticket.

So I called the customer care department of Air India, asked what refund amount will I be getting, was told that Rs. 7, 352 will be refunded to me. So I asked them to cancel my ticket and start the refund process.

But when I received the refund a month after I had cancelled my tickets, only Rs. 2, 804 were credited.

On talking multiple times to the Air India customer care, emailing various ids, and talking to the escalation department, I was told that in 10-21 days I’ll be receiving the refund.

When I called Air India today about not receiving any refund, they told me that I was only supposed to get Rs. 2, 804 as refund and they can’t do anything further than that.

The cancellation call happened on 17th May around the evening and Air India will have a record of the call. If possible, please hear it and you’ll clearly listen to the customer support person telling me the refund that I’ll be getting for the cancellation.

I would not have cancelled my ticket if they’d said that they’ll give me just Rs. 2, 804 out of my entire ticket price of Rs. 19, 952. I lost both my seats as well as my refund amount.

This matter has taken more than 2 months now, and I need to either get my entire refund or 4 tickets for whichever date and location I need.

Partial Refund Received
Partial Refund Received
Partial Refund Received
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