Air India — Ticket refund not issued even after one year!!

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I had already placed a complaint through this website and the status is marked as resolved just because the matter was sent to air india by email.

Air india has not done anything so far in terms of processing my refund.

I will consider taking this case to consumer court.

Before that I am going to file complaint again on this site so I can keep records of all the efforts that I did to get this resolved.

my initial complaint is:

I booked air india international flight from Paris to Delhi for travel in July 2020. After multiple failed transactions I was issued a ticket but money was deducted each time. Money was refunded for some of the transactions but I came to know later that two tickets were issued on my name for the same flight on the same day!! So i contacted air india and requested them to refund one of the tickets but refund has not been processed till now. E-commerce section does not respond to phone calls (I called them at least 500 times) following which I emailed them multiple times only to get replies stating refund will be processed but has not happened till now. I contacted air india complaint/feedback department and they registered a complaint with a reference number (WB-IPAR[protected] but no redressal until now. I have also contacted the vigilance department of air india regarding corruption by cheating the customer off of money by selling ticket twice on the online platform for the same flight and the vigilance officer emailed back asking the e-commerce section to provide refund but this has not been done even after intervention from vigilance team.
I do not have any other avenues to resolve this matter so I am registering my grievance here.

PNR of the flight ticket I used to travel H3FMN
PNR of the flight ticket that I did not use for which I requested refund JSW13
Date of travel 26 July 2020
From Paris to Delhi
Flight AI 142

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