Air India Express — complaints – air india express – no refund yet/no flights available to book

Air India Express Phone
022 22796330
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Air India Express Address
Air – India Building, Nariman Point, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – 400 021

We booked the ticket last year in February to travel in July 2020 from Sharjah to Mumbai 4 passengers family. Booking Receipt:WEXSBG

Mumbai is not our state of residence

We simply want to visit Mumbai as a tourist.

Since the airline canceled the ticket, we could not able to travel.

1. Now the airline is forcing us to book the ticket for the same destination and on particular dates, how it is possible? How airline force passengers do this, do that.

2. We want to book the ticket the last 2 times for surat to Sharjah or Dubai to Ahmedabad etc as we are living in Gujarat. However, it is also not possible from airline’s side.In this case, we don’t have any requirement for travel to other destinations.

3. So we asked for a refund, that also no one is responding. It is been 6 months, we are spending money on international calls and emails. No one is caring for customers and authorized. There is no complaint system and a ticket number. every time I need to repeat the same story.

4. As per airline rules, I want to book a ticket from Sharjah to Mumbai – they don’t have any flights
So I want to book the ticket from Mumbai to Sharjah – they don’t have any flights again

5. So I asked customer care to book tickets from Mumbai to Dubai- after 35 minutes in the call for my old flight ticket WEXSBG, they are saying not possible, you can book for same route as per itinery. So I told them book the flights for same routes, they said, flights are not available. So I asked for full refund, they said it is also not possible . They also mentioned that my old ticket will be invalid after march 2021 and I cannot get anything.

Then what should I do now? Lose the money because of their non available flights and rules? I tried to bend in all ways as per their rules, finally no choice left/refund.

Can you please get us full refund? They said they will give partial refund after cancellation charges, why should I lose my money again?

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