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We booked the tickets to travel to Brunei from Tichy via Kuala Lumpur on 30th Oct. However, air India express has not allowed us to board the flight. Instead, they told us that we can reschedule the flight for the future travel.

We request you to refund the money citing the following reasons:

1. Two of my friends’ family travelled with the same following documents via air india express (Chennai to Kuala Lumpur and then to Brunei using royal brunei airlines) on 28th of october which made us to proceed further with travelling on 30th october from Trichy.

a. Entry Travel Pass

b. Dependent Visa

c. RT PCR test results

d. Hotel accommodation (for 15 days) and transport booking

e. Post travel SWAP test payment in Brunei

f. Travel Tickets

g. Passports

h. Royal Brunei airlines acceptance

i. BruApp installation in Mobile

2. One of my friends also travelled to Brunei from Cochin to Kuala lumpur (and then to Brunei using royal brunei airlines) using the above mentioned documents on the same week which made us to proceed further with travelling on 30th october from Trichy.

3. Having above mentioned documents, air india express has not allowed us to board the flight.

4. Royal Brunei airlines has also confirmed saying that “Ok to Board” based on the above mentioned documents as listed in point number 1 and Malaysian embassy also confirmed that there is no restriction on transit via Kuala Lumpur. Based on the travel plan and the acceptance by Royal Brunei, we would have easily reached Brunei within 16 hours from Trichy (very well within allowed time limit).

5. Air india express has not communicated to us via phone or email about the restriction on travelling via Kuala Lumpur instead they kept on allowing passengers from other airports to travel to Brunei via Kuala Lumpur as mentioned in point number 1 & 2.

6. We booked the tickets on flexi option, and if air india express properly communicated and if they have not allowed any of other travellers, I would have easily postponed my travel for a future date. As it is a flexi ticket, it would have been possible for my full refund.

7. As it incurred huge stress, sufferings, efforts and money in planning and getting the necessary documents, please consider proper compensation with full refund of my money.

8. And with the same documents as mentioned in point number 1, my family already travelled to Brunei via royal brunei airlines on 13th November.

9. The total loss of money due to the poor communication and management of air india express is more than INR 100000.

10. During this pandemic, considering other personal and professional losses, please consider our request and help us to live peacefully.

Considering the above mentioned reasons, please respond and refund as requested as quickly as possible.

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