— Overall sadness, Depression due to no internet Phone
+91 80 4446 9434 Website Address
1-2. 1st Floor, Annapurna Shopping Center, Adajan Patia, Surat, Gujarat, India – 395009

First i would like to tell u guys that how happy i was when i contact airlink for wifi. The happiness was immeasurable. I can finally use twitter without worrying about mobile game and yes not to mention 1080p youtube and playing video games with friends. It was so much fun and then suddenly my wifi internet is dead. 1 day…2 days… 1 fkn week and i contacted in CUSTOMER service for this problem and they told me to wait for an hour so i was okay i can wait a hour then i can play games with my virtual friends and escape from this irl reality and sadness. Another week and no response from them. I m starting to get worried. It got turned ON after 15 days and when i saw my twitter and in game friends list. They all unfollowed and unfriended me since i was off for so many days. That day was my darkest day. The pain through i get through is monumental. The pain doesnt end here. The other day when my father has an important meeting with cilents. The wifi stopped working and he got mad and beat me and my mom to ease out that anger. This company gives me nothing but pain, sadness, regret, depression, misery, grief and many horrible ###. So i urge everyone not to get involved with this company. THANK YOU FOR UR TIME

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