Airtel — Subscription to YouTube through the Airtel offer

Airtel Phone
+91 96 6339 5551
+91 11 4266 6500 [Head Office]
+91 11 4666 6100 [Head Office]
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Airtel Address
20, Sarakki Main Road, JP Nagar 1st Phase, Bangalore, Karnataka, India – 560078

1. I have subscribed to You Tube Premium Subscription taking an offer on the Airtel Thanks app I paid Rs 399 on 24.94.2021 through my Debit Card for a three month subscription. Copy of payment image enclosed.

3. After waiting for over a week I contacted the Airtel staff.

4. After seeking details and a long conversation I was told that I should approach the You Tube people and the Airtel has nothing to do in this issue; A senior official said the same thing.

5. I accepted this offer as a Airtel postpaid customer through their site.
6 For the record, the You Tube Premium subscription is yet to be activated until today.

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