[Resolved]  Aj Interlinks or Aj Groups / Holiday Resorts on Time Sharing — Fraud, Misrepresentation, Concealment of facts

AJ Interlinks Phone
+91 44 4208 1899
+91 88 9217 8929
AJ Interlinks Website
AJ Interlinks Address
57K, Sapthaswara Apartments, 1st Avenue, Ashok Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – 600083

Dear Friends (especially IT professionals)

This organization is dealing with arranging the holiday resorts in time sharing basis and arranges for the RCI membership. This is what this organization deals with.

Now, the complaint about this organization is that the marketing strategy that they follow to attract the customers. For this they use all sorts of the fraud, misrepresentation(providing wrong information to attract the customers), concealment of material facts (Not exposing the important information or willful concealment of facts). The marketing staf[censored]se all sorts of these fraud techniques to sell their product. Not even a single information what they provide is of true nature. This is not my assumption or guess rather this is the fact as unfortunately I am also a customer of this fraud organization. All those who work their are fraudsters (Not sure whether the company itself have trained them in fraud).

All these kind of fraud organizations who cannot compete with reputed ones like Club Mahindra, Country club etc, attract the innocent people by saying that the customer (victim) is a lucky person to win a free holiday trip to so and so place and in order to avail this, the customer has to appear in person (beware they don’t send the free coupons by post) to get it. They also make sure that the victim (here after customer is referred to as a victim) brings his credit card without fail (My advice is not to encourage these kinds of calls and also not to take your credit cards along with you). Believe me these fraudsters know all our credit card history details (might be they collect our details through some source that maintains in a database and sells our details). So, please do not unnecessarily expose your credit card and your credit limit to anybody.

They say all kinds of wrong information to sell their product wherein reality we do not avail any benefit out of it or rather they do not provide any facilities that are even worth for your money. The membership fees is very huge but the customer who believes whatever fraud information that he was made to believe would think that it is worth to invest in this. Believe me once you become the member you will be welcome to the fool club. So pls beware. One best example is they do not have a proper website address until this date.

I am telling this to you especially IT professionals not to disclose your personal details to anybody or any sales or marketing people because tomorrow you might also be cheated like me in one way or the other. Believe me there are thousands of these kind of fraud organizations that are involved in cheating people.

So, I sincerely appeal to everybody not to encourage and the moment you hear this name aj interlinks or aj groups or lander chennai, please reject the offer (prevention is better than cure).

Incase you are searching for holiday resorts then you have a wide variety of reputed organizations like country club or club mahindra or you can find out after analyzing a good company that provides you with good service and value for your money.

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