[Resolved]  Ajanta Hospital — Patient taken for treatment even though proper treatment and Expert for the illness not available

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I would like to state here that we had taken our mother to Ajanta Hospital on 23rd Sept’09 with the Doppler report. Dr Deepak Dewan of Ajanta Hospital said that pateint is having left femoral vein Thrombosis( Deep Vein thromosis). My mother was already on medicines for CKD(Chronic Kidney Disease)-Mild renal failure with hypertension, for which she was in contant consultation with Dr Dewan since Dec’08. We were not knowing earlier that whether the latest illness i.e.left femoral vein Thrombosis falls under his specialization. After 10 days treatment (on 3rd Oct’09), patient was discharged without any sign of recovery or any improvement, after that pateint’s condition detoriated and agian we took her to Dr Deepak Dewan in Ajanta Hospitalon on 8th Oct’09, thinking that he is aware of the illness and treating the pateint from past 15 days. On 10th of Oct’09, After 17 days of treatment at Ajanta Hospital by Dr Dewan, asked us that they would not be able to manage this illness there and referred the case to SGPGI Lucknow. By the time we reached SGPGI, we had already lost lots of time and patient was in very bad shape and finally we lost our mother on 22nd Oct’09.
Our Concern is that why Dr Deepak Dewan had admitted and treated for more than 2 weeks for the illness which does not comes under his area of expertise. Later, we came to know that Deep Vein thrombosis comes under Cardiology/Cardio-Vascular, ideally he should have referred us to Cardiologist or Cardio-Vascular expert or to SGPGI on the day one itself (i.e., on 23rd Sep’09). I would like to let you know that Dr Deepak Dewan is a Nephrologist. Moreover, there is no Cardiologist or Cardio-vascular expert at Ajanta Hospital.

I would like add here that my brother had asked the Dr Deepak Deewan and hospital owner Dr Anil Khanna on 2nd Oct’09 to refer us to some other hospital if you are not capable enough to provide the best treatment but he assured that they are providing best treatment and no need to go anywhere.

I am writing this to consumer forum so that proper action against Dr Deepak Dewan and the Ajanta Hospital should be taken in view that this should not happen again in future and patient is guided to right direction at the earliest possible.

Please let me know if you need further information on this.

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