[Resolved]  Ajanta Public School — Bad planning

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+91 124 238 1823
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Ch Goday Galam Singh Kiloodh Marg, Sector 31, Gurgaon, Haryana, India – 122001

We are very unhappy to say that your school has really disappointed us in many ways.We are now tired of giving you our complaints & Suggestions.Ajanta Public School is more than 12 years now but from the starting of session when our kids have started coming to your school we are seeing that things are in planning always & never planned before the session started So whole year goes waste in planning only & we are left with nothing in Hand @ the end of the session.

Class teacher is getting changing in same year & kids got affected a lot bcoz every teacher has diff style of teaching.
Results of any competition/Holiday HW is not disclosed on time with all parents.This reduces our motivation in next activity.
Syllabus couldn’t be finished last year & this year also we are afraid due to lots of same repetitive written work only just like previous year.
All planned activities in diary either got preponed or postponed.Many times we parents only have a choice to talk to each other for confusion of dates.
Time-Table is always in planning only & we never get it in whole session & if we get it, it looks as it is only a formality & nothing actually.

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