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Dear Sir,

My 3 tickets were made from Akbar Travels in the month of March 2020 for a April journey. Due to Covid situation, the GoAir canceled all the flights. However, they did not provide the refund amount at that time. On 27-November-2020, I got emails from GoAir Refund Team that full refund has been provided to the travel agency. I wrote to Akbar Travels, called, and emailed Akbar Travel multiple times, n number of follow ups from 01-December-2020 but they have not helped me yet.

The reference numbers for all the three tickets are:
(1) AT[protected]
(2) AT[protected]
(3) AT[protected]

The full refund of all the above reference numbers was processed by the airline on 27-November-2020. When I called the airline, the airline support informed that the refund amount has been successfully passed to the travel agency and I have also got the emails from the GoAir Refund team that it has been passed on to the travel agents as confirmation. And, that the only option is I can get the refund amount from the travel agency only.

When I wrote to Akbar Travels about the refund, they confirmed that they got the refund amount from the GoAir airlines. Akbar Travels emailed me saying that they are facing technical difficulties to refund the amount online and asked for bank account details on 04-December-2020 for NEFT. I have provided all the bank details they asked for on the same day. They also acknowledged that they received the bank details and forwarded to the accounts department for processing the refund amount.

However, with so many emails and calls, I am deeply worried and concerned if the refund amount will come at all! No one in Akbar Travels read the contents of the emails. They reply to whatever email we send in one single line:
“We have forwarded to concerned department and once processed will refund asap.”

I am sharing the last email content sent to Akbar Travels [protected]@akbartravels.com and [protected]@akbartravels.com:
“Dear Team,

I am writing to you hoping that the customer relations team will be able to take this request on High Priority and help me. Please read this email about the concern. I am very much worried and concerned about the refund amount.

I have been following up from 01-December-2020 for refund for the following references:

First, I had sent the email on 01-December-2020 saying that we got call from GoAir airline that we need to collect the refund amount from the travel agent. I got the confirmation email from Akbar Travels that you have received the full refund from GoAir. However, you said that because of technical issues, online refund is not possible. You asked for bank account details and we provided them. You acknowledged that email too. After multiple emails and follow up calls, I got an email on 14-December-2020 that the refund amount will be credited in 2-3 working days. However, yet to get the refund amount as of today! For all the emails that I sent after 14-December-2020, since no one replied, kept sending the reminder emails. Finally, got one email with the text as follows:
As per below mail kindly note we forwarded request to our concern department, once revert processed we will revert on same mail asap.

After getting the same emails, I had called customer care on 23-December-2020 at 8 PM and explained all the details. I was informed that this email has been forwarded to Seniors as an ESCALATION and I will get a response email or call within 2-4 hours. The person also told me that instead of sending the same email response, the Seniors or Managers will check with accounts department and reply the correct status as to when refund amount will be credited. However, I have not got any response email yet until this time from anyone at all! I waited for so long and called the customer care now. They are saying that the refund team is not available, Seniors are not available, and they are asking me to call back tomorrow after 10 AM.

I have emailed too many times. I have called customer care too many times. This kind of email conversation and telephone calls are going in loops for a long time!

What else I need to do now?
Who can help me?
Who can responsibly take this up about when I can get the refund?
Who will not reply as “we will get back to you once it is processed” email again and again instead of providing the correct status or providing the refund amount?
How many more days I have to keep sending emails requesting for refund when you already confirmed about refund will be credited in 2-3 working days on 14-December-2020?

Please consider this email as the REQUEST CUM ESCALATION EMAIL and provide the correct status and the refund amount ASAP and help us. If the accounts department are not responding, please provide the accounts department email ID so that I can follow up with them. Or please arrange for a call back from Seniors or Managers ASAP.

Thanks again for your understanding and help.”

Reply to the above email was also same:
“Dear Sir / Madam,

Greetings from Akbar Travels.Com!!!

Thank you for booking your tickets through Akbartravels.com.


Apologies for delay refund!!!

As per below mail kindly note bank details already forward to our accounts department. We forwarded refund asap.

Looking forward to give us an opportunity to be of service to you.

For any further details please contact us on our 24/7 toll free number.”

Even when I am asking for managers or call back, no one calls me, no one from seniors responds!

I am deeply worried and concerned if the refund amount will come at all!

Sir, I kindly, humbly, and please request you to help me get my money in this difficult times, and I will be really grateful to you.

Thanks for your understanding and help.

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