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I write in desperation and frustration.

My phone advised me there was a firmware upgrade available and i followed the directions to download the software and then have it installed.

Unfortunately, each time i try the install it fails.

The error message i receive tells me the upgrade. Zip file is corrupt and the install has been aborted.

I have tried this update on more than 10 occasions and it fails every time.

I contacted your help desk, case reference crm:[protected].

I have been advised it may be a storage space issue.

I have checked my phone and have 1.1 gigabytes of internal storage available as well as 29 gigabytes of sd card.

I know the download is over 300 megabytes, but no one appears willing or able to tell me how much space i require and whether it has to internal storage or if the sd card will suffice.

You can imagine my frustration at not being able to progress, especially since each time the upgrade fails the phone immediately starts telling me the upgrade is available and prompting me to run the download again.

As it has now been two weeks of constant trying i am getting more and more annoyed.

Would you be kind enough to direct me to someone who can help resolve this problem and allow me to get my phone upgraded?

Many thanks for your time and attention.

You can reply to my personal email – eaton. [protected]

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