Alcatel Lucent — Tab Charger not working

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+33 155 141 010
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Alcatel Lucent Address
148/152 Route de la Reine,, Boulogne-Billancourt, France – 92100

I purchased alcarel 3T10tab in month of May 2021. Just in 1.5 months time its charging point stopped working.
Qhen taken to nearbyvservice center, it mentioned it is damaged and paid service will be provided and cgarge would be INR1250.

Is alcatel product is so defective that within a month its charging socket stopped working.

How service center can blame us for not handling it properly.
Is that alcatel policy to blame customer and run away from agreed service.
Since it is covered under warranty why shall I pay for it.

Provide me solution.

Tab Charger not working
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