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My brother is suffering from NF2 (Neurofibroma). Patient ID is[protected]. He got referred to AIIMS Delhi in 2018 from PGI Lucknow.

The doctors at AIIMS, acted only on the tiny fraction of his problem (performed gamma knife surgery) instead of checking for the other problems (tumors in the neck) that were sprouting up inside his body. Doctors asked him to go back home and come back in 2019 so that assessment (MRI) around recovery/progress could be done.

But before the scheduled date of assessment, his condition got worsened because o[censored]nderlying problem that went unnoticed during gamma knife and he fallen on the floor, got his hip broken, and replaced.

When we taken him to the doctor in 2019 after this accident, that’s when doctors examined thoroughly and informed us that his neck surgery must be done urgently because tumors were causing the problem. We immediately deposited the money and since then we have been visiting AIIMS regularly to request them for the date of surgery. No success till date.

We understand that in 2020 and for a couple of months in 2021, pandemic was at its peak. But what left us truly disappointed is this particular incidence from July 2021 :

Dr. Hemant phoned us on 3rd July, to tell us that we should call the patient immediately so that he provides us the date of surgery. Patient came from 600 km (Gonda, U.P.) to Faridabad (our place) having high hopes that this time surgery would certainly be performed. But we haven’t heard from the doctor yet.

Dr. Hemant told us on 12th July that all tests got outdated so we got all of them done again, got PAC Clearance and RTPCR too on 14th July. Doctor stated clearly on 14th July that “I will phone you within 1-2 weeks to call for surgery, do not let the patient go back hometown” But we didn’t hear back.

When my father phoned Dr. Hemant once, after waiting patiently for 11 days, Doctor was like “Baad mein baat karna”, and disconnected the call. Is this how a doctor is supposed to talk to a senior citizen? Not only was his response downright rude but also vague. In a way, doctor bestowed us indefinite time period. Dr. Hemant clearly didn’t keep his words.

When we go to the hospital to check whether and when the date for surgery is available, staff at OPD don’t let us in. They say “No doctor is available, go home, come back some other day”. In reality, doctors are available!

Over and above this, junior doctors don’t let us talk to Dr. Manmohan directly despite the fact that Dr. Manmohan wrote clearly on the card of patient in March 2021 that “Patient has been waiting for surgery since 15 months, kindly admit”. But Dr. Rajesh Meena and others keep us moving to and fro between Room no. 20 and Room no. 18, for something as simple and direct as a Date! Is this how the doctors show the sense o[censored]rgency?

Patient can not wait here at Faridabad, away from his hometown for long because the studies of his children etc. are getting affected

All we need from you is a date for surgery. It should not be delayed any further considering that the condition of patient is getting worse with every passing day. He currently walks with the help of walker, but experiences terrible shake in the body, we are afraid that he might fall again if he is made to move so often (From his hometown to Faridabad uptil AIIMS and back) in the hope to receive the date of surgery. Doctors also advised patient to not move that much.

Please provide the date.

Many Thanks
Rachna Singh
Sister of patient (Ashok Kumar)

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