Allen Cooper Franchisee — Fake shops in name of Franchisee

Allen Cooper India Phone
+91 51 2327 1070 [Kanpur]
+91 98 8934 5630 [Product & Sales Enquiry]
+91 22 6671 5969 [Mumbai]
Allen Cooper India Website
Allen Cooper India Address
219/3-4 , L- Block Kakadeo, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India – 208025

Hello Sir,
We go to branded showrooms because we trust the quality provided by them. In my city Valsad, Gujarat; there is a shop named Allen Cooper.
It used to sell all Allen Cooper clothes previously. So I continued buying from there. The logo and everything is same as that of Allen Cooper website.
So, I again bought clothes from over there but they were not branded and the quality was so bad that I couldn’t even use them for 3 times. I purchased the clothes because of the franchisee brand name ‘Allen Cooper’. I was amazed to find street clothes were sold in such branded shops made by local companies.
The shop owner cheats by using the name of Allen Cooper and the company doesn’t take any action against such fraudlent shop owners.

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