Alpha 9 Marine Services — fraud in the name of placement in marine

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This guy named roshan comes to every college and gives a fake promise that he is a agent and he will place us in reputed companies like mearsk, anglo eastern etc
Last year this person had come to our college, me and my friends had few ideas about merchant navy.. Thought this guy is genuine as he had come to every college. He demanded 6lakh from us.
And the job which he was supposed to give to me and my friends is trainee eto (As i am a electronics background)

Then after few days he asked 30000 as a adavance, we paid him that.. After we finished our graduation he took us to bp marine there we paid 2.5 lakh to the institution and 50000 to this roshan

We completed our course in 4 months at the same time we were in contact with the person asking for a job he promised us as soon as we finish our course he’ll send us in ship this thing he used to say throughout from the day he came to engineering college and till the end of eto course
After few days he demanded to pay the rest of the amount saying you will go to ship in 10 days, we paid him half ie 1, 50, 000 rs i called him after few days he told it’ll take time i waited for some time still no sign of him giving job, he pushed the dates more and more we had to sit at home for 6 months.. After 6 months he told he’ll give small ship in which you will be working as eto and all..
He sent a number a person named ashuthosh which he claimed the he knew him from past 10 years and they own some kind of rpsl company together..
I was happy at least i can get into ship..
I went there asking for the clarification, ashuthosh and roshan both lied saying i’ll be working as eto,
This guy tricked me to go into the ship to work as a wiper (Work of a wiper is washing and cleaning)
I didn’t know this at the beginning that i would be going as a wiper
After 1 month he sent me to dubai saying that you will work as eto and you will have senior and all.
Trusting this roshan i went there
Paying the rest of the amount 1, 20, 000
(Total 6, 00, 000)
When reached the ship i came to know that i was fooled and was sent as a wiper i was devastated
With the help of crew i contacted roshan saying the situation he didn’t even bother he tried hard to convince me to work as a wiper.
Then i contacted my parents they talked to roshan scolded him asked him to give the money back with great difficulty i came back home…
Now he’s not returning the money

He did the same to my friends
Took the money and made them wait for 7-8 months now not returning money

I would be greatful if you look into this matter and give justice to me and my friends and to those whom he fooled and also to those whom he’s going to fool in future

fraud in the name of placement in marine
fraud in the name of placement in marine
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