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Kamaraj nagar,
Chennai – 600071.

Respected sir/madam,

I mr. K. Parmeswaran, residing at no.24, 10th street, kamaraj nagar, avadi, chennai 600071, would like to register a complaint on how i was sold a damaged refurbished car in disguise of a new car.

I have purchased maruti dzire vxi amt prime galland red, bearing registration no tn 12 ac 3921 and tax invoice no 13 vsl 18001385 dated 22.2.2019 at ms cars india, no 16 and 17 industrial estate, chennai 600058. I paid a sum of rs 8, 38, 881 rupees eight lakhs thirty eight thousand eight hundred and eight one only. By cheque on 6th march 2019 in favour car india pvt ltd, chennai.

I later found that there is a clear mark of different colour near the petrol tank area of the car the change of colour suggests that car could have been damaged in that portion, later fixed and repainted. I have been going through mental agony since then. When i get into the details, later understood that the cars india place at ambattur, where i purchased the car, is not even the authorized showroom and it is just a service center.

I have first represented this case to the dealer on 18th march, and also to maruti customer service through a phone call to[protected]. On the same day and after inspection, cars india, orally accepted the mistake and further stated that they shall speak to assistant general manager mr. Gopu. I have been representing to the dealer since then and no acceptable solution yet. My email to maruti at email address contact on 18th march was responded asking for address of the dealer which i did.

I finally reached maruti through their online service maruti portal in the complaint url on 24th april. A representative called and he facilitated a conference call with the dealer but that did not yield any solution. The last call was with mrs srija on 25th april around 3.45 pm asking if my problem was solved. My problem has not been resolved yet.

I have been following up since march 18th 2019 on my complaint to both maruti and their dealer. I then sent legal notice to both maruti and dealer no reply from maruti and the dealer denied my complaints. I have escalated to maruti and after multiple escalations maruti facilitated a conference call with dealer around april 2019 madhu dealer representative, saravanan maruti sales manager chennai were in the discussion. It was concluded that maruti would inspect the vehicle to determine the facts of the complaint.

Again followed up multiple times for inspection and resolution across various channels and finally got a call from dealer mrthiruselvan, asst. Manager, and asked me to bring vehicle for inspection in the workshop in presence of mrkoteeswararao maruti technical representative from bangalore. The inspection did happen on june 3 and the inspection finding of mrkoteeswararao the inspection was done in the presence of both myself and the dealer on 3rd june 2019. I have a copy of the note from that inspection and have summarized the finding.

The findings clearly show that car has undergone tinkering after possible damage, dent. A paint density check by paint meter was carried out on the overall body of the car it clearly showed the colour change in fuel lid area and rear otr panel. Further it was found out that there was uneven gap in circumference in tailgate trunk lids. I am providing the details of findings as per the test done by mrkoteeswara rao. It was orally confirmed to me that my complaints were proved. Mr. Koteeswararao assured me that the report will be sent to maruti factory team and the team will respond before june 5. I was told that ms. Maruti would direct on how to resolve this issue amicably. Nothing happened so far.

Compliant is also pending for enquiry before asst commissioner of police.

This is very grueling and painful this is my first own car and am really disappointed and pained by the experience, i am feeling like holding a second hand car though i had paid for a new car i request maruti to compensate for the damage caused, horrible experience and mental agony by replacement for car. I believe no other solution will give me peace and repose faith on maruti. I had chosen maruti as i believed that maruti is more an indian brand with good quality and great integrity and customer service in response, i have been put through lot of pain over last six months. Request you to help me out.

K. Parameswaran

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