Amar Cars — service related issue with amar cars (padra showroom)

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M/s. Amar Cars Pvt. Ltd. , Nr. Bhailal Amin
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I own suzuki ertiga vdi model, my 40k kms service was due and for that matter i had booked my vehicle for the service at amar cars pvt. Ltd. (Samiyala – padra showroom). Mr. Hitesh parmar, service engineer at showroom took my vehicle for the service, after three hours he called for the amc coupons i hold for the discount on labours and parts as a part of amc contract with them, i told him that coupons was in the booklet bu somehow he didn’t found them so i requested him to do the service and i would deliver the coupons next day if it was not in the booklet, but he told me that if the coupons wud not be submitted than your vehicle would not be serviced and if serviced than not delivered back without the coupons. The issue went to mr. Vikram singh yadav, the manager of showroom, he resolved the issue but they started my vehicle service after 3 pm in the afternoon, they washed the vehicle in the morning, did the service in the afternoon, and delivered my vehicle in the late the morning i saw my vehicle that all the black hand impressions were there on the steering, the door trims, the upholstery fabric on doors, even the dashboard. On my way to my office i again went to showroom, met mr. Vikram singh yadav and showed him the vehicle, on the contrary to my surprise he told to me that the interior cleaning is not the part of routine service, i requested him that i am not demanding the interior cleaning just clean the parts which is been damaged at the time of doing service by your mechanic, but he refused and asked to pay the charges if the cleaning is to be done. Now i think this is really pathetic that the vehicle is washed and than it is serviced and if that is also done the cleaning of the vehicle is not done.

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