Amaron — Faulty battery since the time I purchased

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I havebpurchased the battery from a local ship and have been experiencing fault in it. Have escalated the complaint to distributor fateh Singh who have taken battery along with him for few days and reinstalled the same stating battery is fine.
I have replaced new invertor of Livguard to avoid any confusion of its fault.
Today again when the power goes off my lights went completely off and there is a pitch dark situation at my house. I have two kids of age 2 and 6 and elderly persons at my home who cannot cope up with extreme black out.
Kindly assist urgently in replacing the battery as there is no fault in invertor which is a brand new one and I am getting very poor response from the shopkeeper from where I purchased the battery and no solution from the distributor fateh Singh too. His contact number is [protected]

Please contact me urgently to address the genuine concern of your highly dissatisfied customer.

Best Regards

Atul Bhasin

Faulty battery since the time I purchased
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