Amazon India — About attempts to make me blacklisted in corporate level

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As, my known people and relatives have taken my naked photographs which have been unethically and illegally used with some highly technical softwares to make me blacklisted in corporate levels with some conspiracy and jealousiness and they want my death to happen which i want to commit myself but i am feared about my upcoming parkinson disease and other ailments after my attempts for my death so i want to die normally becuase i cant tolerate my ailments after my suicicde attempts otherwise i would have died 3 years before itself. my only request is please dont blacklist me i.e. please dont make me blacklisted I beg sorry to all of this world Please forgive me. I havent indulged in any porn activities and i am not a porn person and i am not strong I am very weak physically and I wish every one to be happy and live happily and i wish all the best for their career and for their future. every buddy are good by heart and soul and mind.

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