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Dear Sir,

I had ordered alot of products in past days recently I hv ordered a 4 pair of shoes for rs.508 . I am an Amazon Prime customer and it is believed that Prime customers has got a preference over the normal customers.

Though this product was also available on any other online store, I ordered from Amazon as I am a regular customer on Amazon Prime and continuously shop a lot of products from Amazon.

This product was readily available in stock, (the supplier also delivery was also available to my location) when I ordered it it was amazon fulfilled order in which amazon told me last time amazon fulfilled orders are the responsibility of amazon to deliver it to the customer.

I was eagerly waiting for this product and had scheduled my work and design orders accordingly on this basis. Now I am shocked and at a great loss . Amazon didn’t send my any message regarding the cancellation & 3 orders are still showing that delivery date is pending, When I wanted to re-order the same product online, I notice that the price of the same product has gone up to Rs.739; so exorbitantly high that I cannot purchase it now at the price you have on Amazon now.

I am very much disappointed and this is very unethical and cheating a customer on the part of Amazon to cancel my order and I strongly suspect that it is because the price of this product has gone up in the online market. & they are really playing with my mental peace as my previous orders got cancelled by amazon due to the same reason.

You have broken the trust of a loyal customer here and I believe you would do likewise with other customers in future as well.

I kindly request you to please supply this product to me at the original price (Rs.508 -)that I had ordered for & now u have to give my previous orders on same price in which I ordered
( in total in last month my 3 orders got cancelled by amazon, is this the right behavior u r treating ur customers.. But in reality u mentally Harrased me)

Cancelled my order as it was available in low price
Cancelled my order as it was available in low price
Cancelled my order as it was available in low price
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