Amazon India — Misleading status of planned delivery amid lockdown

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I am a registered user of Amazon India. I have clearly entered by Pune address as default delivery address.
As you are aware many states in India are currently in lockdown including Maharashtra. Up until a few days ago when I would check the status of non-essential items on Amazon, it would warn me that the item can not be delivered to your address and prevent me from checking out.

This is expected as my pin code is in the state which is under lockdown.

However now Amazon has not put in any such restriction and have come up with discount deals while we are in lockdown. That’s strange. When I contacted customer care they were not very clear with my query and said that due to lockdown they can not deliver.

If so why is the online shop open for non-essential items? This is misleading to consumers. Someone might place the order and it might get stranded or cancelled or the state is unclear.

See the attached screenshot. This non essential item comes with an indication that it shall be delivered by May 3rd and I can add it to cart and check it out.

Amazon should close their online shop for non-essential items if they are unable to deliver and avoid showing discount deals when it’s not possible to really delivery.

Misleading status of planned delivery amid lockdown
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