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+91 40 3992 1111
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Q-city, 2nd Floor-Block A & Block B, Survey Number-109,110,111/2, Nanakramguda Village, Serlingamplayy Mandal, Ranga Reddy, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India – 500032

Absolutely disgusted with Amazon‘s delivery service. On three occasions I have have parcels flung over my wall into my compound in plain sight an open invitation for thieves. The first two times it was bedding and I was not home and pouring down with rain when I got home. I did complained to Amazon and received no response and to two delivery drivers who said it was not them but would report it to their managers. But as it was bedding and well wrapped I kept the items. Today I was home, did not get a phone call re delivery but found another Amazon parcel flung over my wall in broad daylight. This was an electric prestige delight rice cooker. I did not even open the item but requested a return. It’s a cooker printed on the box in big black capital letters so what damage was done throwing it over the wall. The box is clearly damaged. Rang and had a chat with two Amazon customer care staff terrible response not apology but the second person said return is indicated so what’s the problem. I requested that someone from Amazon in charge call me but she said not possible it’s being dealt with through return so no problem. Too thick to understand it was an electrical item and could have been damaged throwing it over the wall. I’ve been a loyal customer to amazon spending lacks over the years and told her to close my account again response can’t do that its another department’s responsibility. I have now ordered the item from flipcart and won’t deal with Amazon India unless I receive an apology.

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