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This is with respect to the above mentioned order dated 15th July. I received a damaged product. I always make video and same i made. I contacted amazon on call and chat on the same day and asked for their help. They asked for the pics and the same i provided to them. As their was no option to upload video and they said pics are enough, i complied with tht. Next day i decided to provide them video and ask them on twitter (my biggest mistake). The social media team thereafter took over the investigation on 16th wnd asked me to wait for 1-2 days. Today 21st is over and I’m yet to receive any final report regarding the damaged product. Whenever i contact them they reply with the same bot mails or copy pasted mails asking me to wait further. Even after requesting and begging for speedy response they say they haven’t got response from the investigation team nd thus can’t help. I’m at my limit sir, I’m dejected, frustrated and deeply worried abt my money. I paid money for a complete product not for a damaged product. I HEREBY REQUEST YOU WITH FOLDED HANDS TO KINDLY LOOK INTO MY ISS ASAP SIR 🙏🙏🙏🙏. I’M REALLY AT MY LIMIT 😭.

MANISHANKAR is the name of the person who is looking into my matter from social media team. And I have been getting copy pasted mails which r fooling me from POOJA, JYOTHI, KARTIK, TREVOR, SRIRAM ETC. They don’t want to listen to me .

I request u sir pls help me 😭😭. Also guide me where should I go from here as social media team is really pathetic at the moment qnd fays after days fooling me

Regarding order 406-7341431-5205116
Regarding order 406-7341431-5205116
Regarding order 406-7341431-5205116
Regarding order 406-7341431-5205116
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