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I have ordered for a mobile samasung m31 on echange scheme
of my earlier mobile realme in very good condition.
Since your delivery is comitted befor 9 pm on sunday 8th august 2021, i have removed my sim from my exchange phone and deleted all datas, from the mobile, ready for echange.
But your delivery person unable to verify the details and i hve told him, if he wants i will my sim in the mobile and requested him to verify. I have provided ime1 no. Also to him .
But still he is unable to verify and informed me that there is some error and to day some one will come and solve the problem. Finally in this process, iam suffering a lot, with out a phome. I am unable to cxonvince him with fact of information. Kindly note that, i am a very geniune customer of amazon. Kindly sort out the issue immediately. Regards
s.Krishnamurthy [protected] chennai

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