AMCS Internet — It all sounds familiar

AMCS Internet Phone
+44 8447 402 814
AMCS Internet Website
AMCS Internet Address
Bank Quay House, Sankey Street, Warrington, United Kingdom – WA11NN

Having read some of the comments it all sounds familiar as the same thing is happening to me and obviously all of you as well in particular the mystery letters, why would an internet company with your email address send you a letter through the post an email is free and is reliable the post is not and costs but I think we all know these letters are never sent so it gives them the chance to tell you did not give any prior warning you do not want the thing they are telling you they are now going to charge you for and of course it is not possible to give any notice as you had no prior knowledge of it in the first place great SCAM dont you think.Trading Standards need to be informed by all of you

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