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Hi Friends,

I worked for Ameex Technologies, Chennai. When I was working there was no leave. Even if you take one day leave, it is always loss of pay. In all the meetings they says that the company is growing and we need to work extra time. But even after we grew, they will keep saying the company is growing and we need to work extra time. In all the meetings he will keep telling that the next three months is very crucial. After three months also he will tell the same, next three months is very crucial. So everyone has to work on sundays and during night time also. we need to work on holidays also when all other offices are on leave. it will be government holiday. For some time they had two ofices. One was very far near sathyabama college. First they were given cab because employees have to travel a long distance. Slowly it was cancelled and everyone was asked to go by government bus. even during night times girls have to go only by bus. For everytime he will give example of mu sigma one of his fiends company he will not talk about ameex growth or accept that we have grown and appreciate the employees. Everytime it will be like complaining we are not from good school, in US they are working well, communication is not good. Motorolla working will be very tough, here it is good.

Company is very bad in hr policies and employee treatment. Guys used to be fired every 6 months or 3 months also. Everyone use to be scared when the next person is going to be fired. I heard once they were showing a video of how people will be fired from their job in US, so company can also do like this. I dont know why company should only show videos of firing employees. Guys will be scared a lot and no one will question fearing they will loose the job. There is no encouragement or motivation. Always it is only scaring and making everyone do more work. Few team leaders try to be close to the team and encourage them. But not all team leaders because management is not worried about all that.

The toilet use to be on the parking space for boys, before that boys and girls were asked to use the same toilet also. No soap, no toilet paper. some times no water also. Toilets use to stink.

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