American Express India — Did not reinstate my cancelled card despite promising and further wrong commitment

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Cyber City, Tower-C, DLF Bldg. No.8, Sector-25, DLF City Ph-II, Gurgaon, Haryana, India – 122002

I cancelled my Amx Platinum Travel card and after some time, placed a request to reinstate. The executive told me it is possible with some charges and some executive will call me in 2 days. I never received any call.
On my next call to check with them, they suggested me to wait for some time as new offers will be out soon and no point in paying the membership fee now on the same card reinstatement.
Sure, there were offers and I reapplied. The executive called me and said he needs to courier the card but needs an email confirmation for KYC purposes from my official ID as they already have my documents (I am their customer for other two cards – Gold Charge and Rewards as well). I replied to his email as approved. Since then there has been no response from them despite replying to his email asking about it. I also filled in their feedback form that they ask on their website with these details but no response. Surely, Amex is going downhill in terms of customer service where they were once exemplary and quoted as Apple. Now, I do not wish to apply anymore with this company and will only keep my Corporate Card.

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