American Express India — reported default in cibil during moratorium period

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I hold american express platinum reserve credit card [protected]. I requested to provide the moratorium facilities, but initially been told that they cannot enroll me because i delayed my feb payment by few days (Paid on 12th march). Technically, when the moratorium started, i was having no defaults in this account. The whole essence of the moratorium itself is to help the people financially strained during this pandemic situation. But, after i emailed them, i stopped getting the collection calls from them so thought they have accepted the moratorium.

But, when i checked my credit report a week back, i realized that they were continued to report the payment as default which brought my score more than 200 point below. When i reported this again to them to correct it, they stand by the same answer that their rules doesn’t allow them to enroll me in moratorium since my feb payment paid of with a delay.

Though the moratorium was announced only in the last week of march, my financial struggles kicked in february itself, so i had struggle arranging the payment on time, but i still thrived to settle that by 12th march. When the moratorium facility was announced, my account was up-to-date with this card, still they blatantly denied to uphold the spirit of the moratorium program announced by the indian government.

While i already struggle to meet the ends with all the financial burdens, this american company not providing the relief mandated by the indian government is literally killing me and killing my credit score. I plead for your support to make this company correct their stance to consider the last 6 months as moratorium for me and get the credit score fixed accordingly.

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