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I dropped out of landmark forum in mumbai yesterday (14 sep’19) after the dinner break of second of 3.5 days of session, following to an altercation with the so called ‘coach’, mahesh. The sole reason of my leaving the course midway & unfinished was triggered when i expressed to register for the advance course, only after completing the 3.5 days forum itself and the 10 follow up sessions called ‘seminars’. My that proposition made him so angry that he called me a liar, ran howling to me & touched my spectacles as if to break it, shouted all the way by calling me a mean minded below average creature, cheap human being, took my dead father’s name for the second time in two days (“tera baap bhi karega…”) etc. I determined that the totally irrelevant and derogatory remarks on my father (Who passed away 14 years ago) had nothing to do with this course in the process of “empowering me to greatest height’ and decided to leave the forum immediately. Many participants & forum staff followed me through the staircase & elevator while exiting the building to stop me leaving the forum. These people, i thought were like asaram’s disciples, became void of their own senses, righteous judgments, self respects & dignities.

I am not going to comment much on the course contents of the forum (As i did not complete the course), which was read out by mahesh from the ‘course manual’ taking not more than 10% of approximately 26 hours i spent there. The course materials, i researched through internet, were derived from decades of hard manipulative work in the united states. Much time was spent on verbal & video marketing of landmark’s various products (Advance course, more advance course, young people’s course, corporate people’s course, family course. 20% of time was spent on ‘coach’ mahesh’s personal & materialistic accomplishments, his family vacation & paragliding experience in mauritius!

Rest of the time was spent on demeaning, mimicking & calling names (Liars, frauds, conmen, cheap, muchhar, motu, gujrati, marathi, madrasi, bangali…) to innocent & eager-to-learn participants, who were made to confess in public about their personal agonies and problems. More than 90% of the participants were in marital discord and some others abused & suppressed in their adolescent days. Mahesh demeaned & derogated all professionals, educational & political achievers, doctors, civil service officers, spiritual leaders – everybody on the earth who have not or are not graduated/ing from landmark course (S). Some times, he cut jokes with unbearable sudden shrills like a cheap third grade comedian and made participants to laugh (If they are not laughing, he abused them as devoid of sense of humour!), made them to raise their hands every other minute to reassure himself on his meaningless frequently lost in context speeches he stretched & stretched in struggling to convince participants about registering into the next course.

I strongly think that the course materials mahesh shared could have easily been covered in 8 hours, but that does not justify the course fee of rs.18, 500! There were restrictions imposed on not leaving the forum unfinished (Why the money was paid in advance already, but more to come from the advance courses!), ‘ganging-up’ against the landmark’s gangsters and wow, there were spies he said planted within the participants for reporting who would express their opinions about the futility of the course or against anything landmark’s course proceedings.

Mahesh is the biggest liar and conman i have ever met in my entire life who is, as admitted by himself, in the rut & tread of landmark’s us-made training manual for over two decades, it’s super-aggressive marketing policy that are manipulatively designed to entice more & more innocent, vulnerable people actually in need of professional mental health or other supports, rather than getting into landmark’s never ending vicious cycle of course after course after course, in the name of changing human lives towards betterment. He termed himself as like an olympics coach and assumed the right to abuse and insult any participant at any time at the slightest provocation of ‘expressed disagreements’ on any matter – particularly against the mean & frivolous commercial interest of landmark. He lost his temper every 10 minutes, shouted like an animal to break participants into crying by insulting them & forcing them to reveal their secrets and then celebrated ‘victories’ by making them ‘complete their responsibilities’ through 5–10 phone calls to their dear ones (With whom participants had problems) during a 20 minutes tea-break! See, partcipants’ problems were thus analysed, determined, judged, resolved that way in seconds! Magic, miracle, unprecedented solution makers of the planet! Total crap.

Are we not living in free democratic country? I wonder how is this scam is going on & on for such a log time without the notice of indian administrative authorities? I am fortunate to have a friend who has participated four times in the olympics, an arjuna & dronacharya awardee (The only one in the country) and have witnessed his calm & determined ways of coaching his disciples with compassion, respect, politeness while imparting real knowledge to enhance sports skills.

I am certain that the original intention & design of landmark has deviated from its right path towards commercial interest only, at least at the forum i attended in mumbai. I am informed that the forum coach in delhi was much respectful to its participants. Another friend from dubai expressed that the only thing she learnt from landmark coursed was ‘how to abuse anybody’ without an iota of feeling guilt; she uses the f word like a verb in each of her sentence so nicely & frequently these days…

May god save the present & future participants of landmark, till administrative authorities like yourselves in all countries stop this scam and it’s leaders taken to behind bars.

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