AMR Infrastructures — Breach of trust and Harassment

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+91 11 4500 1000
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AMR Infrastructures Address
2425/11, Gurudwara Road,Karol Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi, India – 110 005

To whomever it may concern –
Sh. B.G. Soni/ Sh.Ashish Soni/ Sh. Ashish Gupta
AMR Infrastructure’s Limited and R.C Info Systems Limited
2425/11, Gurudwara Road,
Karol Bagh, New Delhi-110005
July, 5th – 2015
Dear Mr. B.G. Soni et al,
I am writing to inform you of a breach of MoU contract dated 06.05.2014 between us and AMR Infrastructures (Mr. B.G. Soni) which has occurred on numerous occasions. This problem has exaggerated and is causing not only mental harassment, health issues but also causing financial loss. Let me put it this way; I owe a partial amount to bank as part of bank loan I took for this project. The issue started up starting 7th month of MoU. PD cheques were issued for 6 months, the copies I still possess. However, as per your staff, they used to perform RTGS and requested not to use the cheques. Anyway, then the story started for funds-
1. There was an IT raid I was told, hence the late remittance of RTGS
2. Later, the statements shared by your sale staff was – Shortage of funds
3. Then came the last thorn, will have you talk to one of our directors, it’s not only you but other investors too who are suffering.
Later, I was put on a phone call with someone named Mr. Ajay Kapoor (Month of May). According to him, they are undergoing funds crunch and do not have the required funds, so bear the loss for a months. Starting next month June, we will make the RTGS for the assured returns and there after no such issues will reoccur. However, this was not done. We have called up numerous time, endless wait, endless list of phone calls to your staff, same excuse- rtgs is done please verify your account in the evening. So, now here I stand without the money being RTGS’ed to my account for month of June (which was due on 16th of June, 2015).
It’s all FRAUD and fooling the investors. If as a allottee, I won’t pay for the services, you won’t leave me without having me paying 24% interest, how about you. I am making calls from Pune, my work is suffering, and my business is suffering because of your callous attitude. The contract has been breached not once but number of times. My health is suffering, if something happens to me, I would have you guys to blame for it fully.
Amazingly, your staff of AMR Infrastructure starting month of April 2014 they too have gone in hiding, best part for any finance related (assured returns), they have stopped responding to calls and emails. If by any chance they pick up the call it ends up as “RTGS is done’ or a return message “I’m in a meeting”. No further call back no follow up. See my phone/messages bills; you’ll understand my agony, frustration. I would urge to refund my investment made in this project. I have no trust in your words and fully understand this is going nowhere. Kindly understand it’s not an investment which is made in black, it hard earned money. Moreover, I too have a liability to bank, from which partial amount of money has been borrowed.
I would like to request a meeting with my representatives and me on conference phone call (else I can join on my own) in order to discuss this breach of contract. Please notify me as soon as possible latest by 9th of July. If needed, I may be contacted any day on [protected], anytime after 4:00 PM IST.
Kindly treat this as my notice for the damages made by you (AMR Infrastructures Limited) intentionally – (Implicated) on me Financial as well as Health.
Harish Seth
Also to general Public who are undergoing this pain – Lets Join our hands against the builder. I can be reached on [protected]

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