Amri Hospitals — for kidney stone amri hospital bills high but not cure

AMRI Hospitals Phone
+91 33 2335 8596
+91 33 2335 8595
+91 33 2335 7710
AMRI Hospitals Website
AMRI Hospitals Address
JC – 16 & 17, Salt Lake City, Kolkata, West Bengal, India – 700098

I am hospitalized Amri Hospital 3times for Kidney stone under Dr. B Shiva Shankar. I have been taken 4times to OT theatre and claimed huge bill from Mediclaim about to Rs.179012 but still I am not cure. After that again I revisit and give 2no test and some pain killer. I am suffering huge pain and to stop it I am taking pain killer injection. Dr told me again to test but didn’t give me any medicine. Really very pathetic performance from Dr and also from nursing home. This nursing home present only to take money not have proper service.
Now I came Chennai to check and feeling better
Pathetic experience from Amri Hospital Salt Lake

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