Amri Hospitals — Harassment of an elderly patient by the ophthalmological department

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Mr. Santi Mangol Mukherjee, a super senior citizen aged 87, had visited Dr. Sudipta Mitra at AMRI Southern Avenue on 29.08.2020 with complaints of poor, blurry vision. Dr. Mitra had conducted a test, recommended a power checkup for his spectacles and said that a laser procedure was necessary. Mr. Mukherjee complied and had the laser done. Also, he ordered a new pair of spectacles with lens of the prescribed optical power. Dr. Mitra advised him to come back for a follow-up after he received his new spectacles. During the days that followed, his eyes had inflammed severely and they were itchy. These subsided over an extended period of two weeks. Mr. Mukherjee went for the follow-up on 15.09.2020. He reported all the symptoms to Dr. Mitra, and she conducted another eye test and advised him to wear the glasses at all times. As he came out of the hospital, however, the same symptoms reappeared within a one hour window; inflammed and itchy eyes. Furthermore, his vision became extremely blurry even with glasses on. The entire face looked disfigured. When these did not subside in over two weeks, Mr. Mukherjee made another appointment with Dr. Mitra and visited her on 03.10.2020. This time, she conducted her own tests and then asked him to recheck the power, sending him to the optometrist. The optometrist, however, said that it was not possible to check the power as he already had eye drops administered for the initial checkup which makes one’s vision blurry. Mr. Mukherjee was thus asked to come back after a month. Since then, he has been in terrible discomfort, with inflammation around his eyes and extremely poor vision. He even reported that his vision is poorer than what it was prior to all treatment. He has had to travel all the way from Sampa Mirza Nagar to Southern Avenue three times, amid the Covid-19 pandemic situation, pay a hefty fee every time, all upto no avail. In addition, his vision is poorer than it initially was! Can this be called any short than harrasment? An elderly patient, of his age, with all sorts of co-morbidities that makes him enormously vulnerable to Covid, he is made to travel to the hospital this many times without any improvement whatsoever. This is highly irresponsible of the doctor concerned, as well as of the organisation as a whole. We expect immediate compensation for this kind of treatment.
– Anuradha Ganguly (Daughter of S.M. Mukherjee)
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