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Name: piya chakraborty
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Our patient got admitted to amri hospital on 20th september for regular fever, as he was an ex-employee of indian railway, br singh hospital referred him to amri. It was said by br singh hospital that all reports are ok and they didn’t find any clue of regular fever, although there was a very prominent clue of 1st stage of kydney failure. (High albumin creatinine ratio). We got the report from br singh on 19th september 2019, while doctor said that all reports are ok, we found that there are multiple cases including kidney report was not ok.
However, when the patient was admitted under dr. Indranil sinha roy the condition of patient was good, only the problem was regular fever and fall of haemoglobin. After 3 weeks of thorough testing (Including pet ct scan, all cancer related testing) they said, 2 vegetations were found in valves of the meantime the kidney condition become worse, though they said kidney will not be a problem, the main problem are the vegetation. Three weeks after they said 1 vegetation is recovered and the patient need 2 types of antibiotic daily to recover from it. The kidney condition become worst now, they said it’s very tough to recover kidney, the patient may need dialysis. All of a sudden, the patient started behaving abnormally, doctor said it’s due to kidney failure and it is called urenal psychosis. Then they started dyalisis, and after 5/6 times the patient was no more in the condition to take all those heavy antibiotics. Our patient take last breathe on 7th november.

We have several questions on this mistreated case:

1: we came to know that the plenty of neuro medicines was given to patient. Why?
2: why treatment of kidney not happened throughout the treatment (Except last few days)?
3: why amri return the patient to br singh hospital in the worst condition? Without any oxyzen mask even in breathing problem?
4: dr indranil sinha roy constantly misguiding us with other issues apart from kidney, we came to know maximum of the patient faced same type of treatment under indranil sinha roy.

We need these answers, this is an high example of carelessness, mistreatment and medical business policy. We will go to the highest extent regarding this and therefore we are going to complain against this to the consumer forum. Hope this matter will be taken with highest level of seriousness.

Also we will mail the same to the amri hospital and br singh hospital. Please look into this, hope we will get a reply back and help others to refrain from taking treatment from this hospital.

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