Amri Hospitals — misbehaviour of staff at billing counter in usg section at amri saltlake

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I am writing in order to inform that “miss kasturi dey” at the billing counter of the usg section of amri, saltlake, is extemely ill mannered and doesnot know how to behave.
My father came in fir a mri, he is 68yrs of age, is waiting for 3.5 hrs for the procedure owing to some prerequisites, being a layman i was not aware enough on the method.. I followed up with miss dey 2-3 times, not only was she irritated but when i said you are 21yrs and had your lunch on time so imagine an aged person dint had anything from the morning, could you please expedite the process. Instead of being emphatithic she was so blatant and curt in her reply, stating if you cant wait, test results wont come fine.
I ask the management, we are already worried about the condition of our patients, are these behaviour really necessary. When i said her this she said you want to complain, and she handed me over a piece of paper laughing all the way. Like really, such audacity, because they know no action will be taken nor a warning will be given to them and they are allowed to behave like that.
We are coming to amri, 5yrs straight now but this is the first time we are mishandled like this. Hoping to get an update on this incident from the management of amri.

Your faithfully,
A humiliated patient
24th august, 2019

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