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Take a stroll round the college and it is highly improbable that you wouldn’t come across it’s “MISSION” statement.Let me have the pleasure in reiterating what they claim so boldy..”To provide value-based education and mould the character of the younger generation through a system of wholesome learning,so that their earnest endeavour to achieve progress and prosperity in life,is matched by an ardent desire to extend selfless service to the society,one complementing the other.”..
I had gone through the aim’s and objectives of various colleges across India but none of them stand a chance to compete with the above stated mission.It’s indeed a bliss to be a part of such a noble cause,provided things work as they stated. Alas! Nature can neither tolerate perfection nor can it tolerate a state striving towards perfection…It makes sure that there are loop holes in the system to sabotage progress..! Well,you can’t blame mother nature for everything.A keen examination of the system would definitely help in identifying the cause of the problem.The problem is:straitlaced approach and parochial attitudes of the management.On the topmost rung of the ladder are people who have been losers in life and so-called “educated officials” who made ruining the college life of a student as their primary motive.With such people handling and executing the ultimate “MISSION”, it is practically impossible to move an inch in the graph of progress.If questioned,the management would definitely claim the other way round and might perhaps give you a glimpse of the laurels they had accumulated over the past as a mark of progress.All those spiels and litany of awards work well on an outsider whom you are trying to hoodwink but you can’t cast a spell on those who already fell into the trap..Yes! I’m talking about the thousands of students who fell for the value-based education and are ever-complaining about the “value of education(fee)”.Poor parents never knew that they would be collateral damage . Well,I cannot baselessly accuse the college in committing an irreparable crime..I have facts that cannot obliterate the truth.I shall be revealing facts one-by-one and to the end succeed in making the college partially-naked.
Fact #1: Food..
However great a man is ,whatever be his/her stature,food is essential to work effectively.Food gives us energy to work– not spirituality or meditation.Even to pass on the ethos which the institution claims to have bequeathed to us ,we need energy,which is a direct consequence of having good food.. The fact is all the sources of food have restrictions on them.For example: Canteens,one of the places for college students to hang out and rejuvenate the lost energy, has a time restriction..I don’t say that there shouldn’t be a time restriction but 7:00 pm is too early for the canteens to close..The mess starts at around 7:15 pm and closes by 8:20 pm.Within one-hour a student is expected to fill his stomach with food enough to work for the rest of the night..Okay! Let us assume it is possible to fill our stomachs with the required amount of food.Medicine says that our food digests within 4 hours from eating…But the tasks we are assigned,if done properly(without resorting to commonly practised techniques like copying) takes atleast 5-6 hours…So even if we finish having our food by 8:00 pm and start doing our work by 8:30 pm,the energy that our food gave wouldn’t last for more than 2 hours…So we are again hungry by 10:30 pm and left with almost three quarters of work..What do we do??­­?? Ha…the management is heartless….Okay! I’m talking about the ideal situation where a student does his work on a day-to-day basis and doesn’t accumulate work…
Okay..Consider a student who has a particular inclination towards sports..The classes end at 4:00 pm(only if the Prof decides not to take an extra class or he shows pity on us and doesn’t conduct a tutorial..).Now the sports enthusiasts go back to the hostel,perhaps wait till 5:00 pm for the snacks and walk about 3 kms to the ground to play…The place gets dark by 6:30 pm and perhaps you can see your shadow only if you come to junction near the general stores(more about General stores later..)….There might be more street lights but they haven’t switched it on perhaps in years of my stay to open my eyes to the fact- that there are actually many…Now the sportsman finds his way back to the hostel,choosing the shortest path–the ashram way,to conserve some energy, reminding himself of the fact that he would be given grass or may be as food in the mess hall..All his attempts to conserve energy would be futile for he has to walk back three loooong kilometers.On the way,he might take a pit-stop near the thorough fare and refill his senses with the scent of the Malayalee beauties…Beauty does stimulate one’s senses..Afterall they are the figures of our college..Now..he whacks himself to surge on the tar road which leads to a rather dusty road with bumps here and there which finally leads to “MESS” hall..Ah! such a messy place…Hi-fing a few classmates who have a disguted look,he reaches the plate section…Well,you don’t have to search for a neat plate because all are equally bad..The odds of you getting a bad plate even if you pick blindfolded are too high..So the dude doesn’t waste energy in thinking as to which plate to choose.He does succeed in conserving a little energy but eventually drains a lot into wash area scrubbing the plate..Haha!!..You can’t escape..!! Now..he gathers all his energy..moves forward drying his plate…hoping for a delicious dish..All he finds is Puri’s which are one-fourth the size of his hand,with newspaper stuck underneath..He smirks at the mess staff and takes small steps to serve himself chole(chola,as they call)..He might be facing resistance or might get a few elbow blows as his mates jostle for some liquid called sambhar or rasam(mostly water)..Jostling is at its peak only for Panneer and the last time I witnessed a peak was ages ago..
Sweat,like any other thing cannot defy gravity and finds itself a place in the food and perhaps feels happy for adding flavour to the blandness…
Now what does the dean/other officials who framed the rules do??All they do is spend some time writing their bucket list and have delicious food….
Okay!!! Ditch the canteens and mess halls..Can we prepare our food in the hostel rooms??
Ans:Food..?? That’s a punishable offence..Atleast a fast food like maggi noodles??? Noway..do u have kettle??…It might have been confiscated by now and perhaps you might have deluged the warden’s office with apology letters..You all know how much we pay!! Needless to say..

This just marks the beginning of Fact #1..More to come..So stay glued!!(It helps in conserving energy..!!)

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