Amul / Gcmmf — Unethical Behavior by one your Distributors

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Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation, PO Box 10, Amul Dairy Road, Anand, Gujarat, India – 388001

A big chunk of Ice Creame from a Family Pack of Amul Rajbhog Ice Creame was taken out by one of the owners of the distributor. The distributor is called Shree Mart, it’s a local grocery store in Pune, Pisoli. Upon complaining to the shop owner, they accepted that they did it, but did not want to provide any substitute or any compensation.

The name of the owner is Raju Sirvi. This is their contact number: [protected]

I don’t want any refund or exchange, but I just wanted to make this incident come to Amul’s attention because I know from experience that it was the owner who did it and not something that Amul could have done.

Unethical Behavior by one your Distributors
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