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I recently came across an article on kpop boy band BTS which was published on 14th Dec 2020. There were many hateful comments on the boy band as well as racist comments on our fellow North East Indians. With the growing popularity of kpop in India as well as all over the world the said article was very disrespectful. You described their fandom as ‘teenagers who are obsessed with looks’ but the fact is this fandom consist of people of different age, cast, gender and creed. BTS is well known as the Global Ambassador o[censored]NICEF. They are known for donating 1 million usd to BLM and their fandom (ARMY) matched that 1 million usd and donated it to BLM. During the recent Assam flood the Indian Fans donated a sum total of 6 lakh and 2+ lakhs to the government for the Corona patients. The said fandom also raised money to donate to the ngos who provide food and fodder to cancer patients in India even donated to an organization who runs night schools in India. There might be a part of our fandom who are teens but beside of all our craze we donate as well. BTS taught us to love ourselves, to become a better version of ourselves and to cherish all the little things in our lives.

I’ve seen you quoting the negativity but not the positive influence the band and the fandom has. Please do further reserarch before writing any article on someone. Your lack of research can leave a negative impact on others. Considering how big you are in West Bengal this was quite unprofessional of you and your team.

Thanking You

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