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Recently I have seen a misinformation displayed in an article through your daily regarding Korean boy band BTS and their fandom Army. They have been put on negative light and their activities, which are mostly charity donations to aid those in needs have been totally ignored. Instead, the article showed BTS’ negative influence on today’s generation. Instead of considering BTS’ positive lyricism that sends hope and a message of self – love there has been an implication that most of the fandom includes immature teenage girls when the reality is actually reverse. Most of the fandom is comprised of people whose age ranges from 18 – 40.So I would like to emphasize particularly on the research to be done appropriately before writing down such false articles. It hampers both the artist’s and the fandom’s reputation.
I hope this matter is solved as soon as possible and I am looking forward to your positive response.

Misinformation about Korean boy band BTS and their fandom Army
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