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The article that was published abt Kpop in this newspaper, I find it somehow wrong and that theme of the writing was really offensive, there you mentioned kpop fans as children which is wrong, AR. Rahman, The Beatles’s sir Paul praised BTS. John Cena, Rashmika Mandana, S.Korean president, James Corden, Lauv, Max, Halsey, Charlie puth and many more are BTS fans and not only BTS you’ll see there are so many fans of kpop in the world even the number is much much bigger than any other fandom, and ofc you must know that ARMY (BTS FANS) IS THE WORLD’S BIGGEST FANDOM, so it can’t be only kids, so the thing I fing underrated.
And second of all I find the words like ‘Rong chonge and others (I didn’t remember all) really bad, but I know it all happened because of lack knowledge, then you must know that kpop is way better than any industry nowadays. Because they talk about self love, social injustice, depression in their songs, also many more things like that they use deep theories in their songs like ” The garden of Eden”, “sins I life” And many more. They also promote and support LGBTQ, and the biggest thing is please don’t write in such way, because of BTS so many people came out of depression and difficulties in their life, go and search for it in Google. They works for children from all over the world, their “End violence against children campaign” Is the reason behind so many smiles, their fandom ARMY also get award from UN. Not only that they donated 1M dollar to support their artist and also to support people in BLM, Indian BTS ARMY always do this kind of thing they help financially in Assam flood etc. Now BTS is Grammy nominated artist with Unicef Inspire award, they topped US I tunes, Indian Spotify, broke several record on YouTube, had sold highest number of album in 2019 in the world, Billboard #1artist in hot 100 and hot 200, MTV award winning ner, AMA winner, VMA winner and many moreeeeeeeee. So please be careful from now on because their fandom and every people are way more sensitive abt their idols because they gave us meaningful songs and also helped us in life with theories like self love and many more. After our parents, loved ones and others kpop idols played a major role because they also helped in difficult times because music has the healing powers.

Wrong information about Kpop
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