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Neeraj Bharadj is a 23 year old an Indian student who was attacked in Batman park near, Rebecca walk in Melbourne. The Age News Paper stated that he was attacked near the aquarium. Actually, he was attacked in Batman Park on April 5, 2010. The attack happened early morning. I have known Neeraj since March 2010. I met him at Batman Park when I was staying there for a couple of week because I did not have accommodation, and I was waiting to receive my tax return money in order to return to India.

Because I was overstaying in Australia, I met with the Immigration Department (level 15, 2 Lonsdale street Melbourne VIC 3001) every week to renew my bridging visa. During the interviews they told me that I was effected by PIC 4014 so I can not be granted a temporary visa for a period of three years after I leave Australia. I then asked them write a letter with their signature stating the reason, otherwise I will not go back to India without the letter.

Nathan Reich who is an immigration officer that was handling my case told me that he is not allowed to give a letter with his signature. He then told me that they will detain me if I do not go back to India. I told him that I will hunger strike at the Parliament in Canberra if he did not give the letter.

After two days, Neeraj was attacked in Batman Park, which was the place I used to sleep. That same night I slept at the part till night, then I went to Southern Cross Railway Station because I was getting cold in the park. At that time Neeraj came to the park and slept there. The next morning, I came back to the park from the Southern Cross Station and I noticed three blankets with blood. About one hour after, Neeraj arrived from hospital and told me that he was attacked at night and that he was told by the doctor that he may lose his eyesight.

When I saw Neeraj, his eyes were totally damaged and he looked terrible. I told him to go police station but he refused. He told me that police does not do anything for Indians. I then left from Batman Park because I was disappointed and upset that Neeraj would not go to the Police. The next day, April 6, 2010, I met with Neeraj again at Victoria Library in Melbourne. I asked him if he were to lose his eyes in the future, how does he plan to live pay fro his education loan to the Indian bank. If he files a complaint, the Australian government may take care of your hospital bills. He was then is ready to go to police station and we made a complaint on 6 April 2010. Otherwise, this attack would not have been reported. On 7 April, which was the last day on my bridging visa, I went to immigration office. That was when I received the letter from Phoebe Maher who is Manager for Status Resolution Team.

During the conversation on 7 April, 2010, with Nathan Reich and Phoebe Maher, I understood that they were behind the attack. Now I believe that Neeraj was attacked by the Australian Immigration Department. Nathan Reich and Phoebe Maher were behind this attack, both working in Status resolution branch, level 15, 2 Lonsdale street Melbourne VIC 3001.

I think the attack was actually against me but unfortunately Neeraj was wrongly attacked. Neeraj came to Batman Park sometime around midnight and slept there. Neeraj usually does not sleep there, he came there just once in a while. I was the one who stayed and slept there for one month. The Immigration Department knew that because I told them during the interviews.

I filed for my tax return in March 2010, in order to book my flight ticket to return to India. It took about one month to get my money when it usually takes only 3 to 5 days. I told the police officer that Neeraj and I were going to the media to report this attack. They knew that if I stay in Australia, I would take Neeraj everywhere and report this attack. The tax department paid and credited the money into my account on 06 April 2010. This was done after we made complaints in police station. I went ATM saw that my money was just credited at that time. I believe that is the reason why the tax department paid my money at that time. On 06 April 2010, I booked my ticket to return to India. That is the only money I have to go back to India.

Now I do not know where Neeraj is or how the investigation is going. I emailed one of the Victoria police officers, Grag Loganan, but I have not received any replies.

I underwent a treatment after I came from Australia between June 2010 October 2010 at Ananthapuri Hospital in Trivandrum, India. I was receiving treatment from Dr. S. Jayaram. During the counseling, Dr. S. Jayaram asked me several questions regarding what had happened in Australia. All such questions were unnecessary. This was not a part of the treatment. He wanted to know everything and he recorded my conversation. I did not tell him anything particular that happened in Australia. Dr. S. Jayaram had a different objective and I do not know who he works for, whether it is Ananthapuri Hospital or Australian Spy.
During the counseling he asked me about my past history since my birth and he wrote in a book and file. When I was asleep after relaxation therapy, he searched my hand book and cell phone. In the book, I had written my net banking log on and email details. Now I need Yahoo and Google help to check my email address to know who logged onto my email from June 2010 to October 2010.
After the therapy session had finished, I came back to his office to ask a question. At the time I heard his conversation with his assistant, an ayurvada doctor. He was using obscene language in reference to my parents and me. I heard him talking about what happened to me in Australia. I do not know how he knows such information. He probably work for Australian Immigration Department.

Ananthapuri Hospital should respect NRIs. Non Resident Indians’ contribution is high in the Indian economy. Some of our people left India, which is why unemployment rate came down in India and we went abroad not only to make money, but also to help others.

Whoever plans on going to Ananthapuri hospital be vary careful. They cheated me and took my money. I paid total RS 20000 to 25000.

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