[Resolved]  Ananthapuri Hospitals At Trivandrum In India — SPY TREATMENT

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Dear Friends,
I am an NRI, I was in Australia from 2006 to 2010. This year I underwent a treatment at Ananthapuri Hospital in Trivandrum, India. I was there for four to five months receiving treatment from Dr. S. Jayaram. When I was in Australia, I had several issues with immigration department and I witnessed some racial attacks against Indians. During the counseling, Dr. S. Jayaram asked me several questions regarding what had happened in Australia. I am honestly saying, all such questions were unnecessary, this was not a part of the treatment but he wanted to know everything and he recorded my conversation. I did not tell him anything special that happened in Australia. Dr. S. Jayaram had different objective and I do not know who he works for whether Ananthapuri Hospital or Australian Spy. During the counseling he asked me about my past history since my birth and he wrote in a book. When I was sleeping after relaxation therapy he searched my hand book and cell phone, in the book I had written my net banking log on and email details. At the end of the day, I came back to his room to ask a question. At the time I heard his conversation to his assistant, an ayurvada doctor, and he was using obscene language against my parents and me. I believe his plan was to record my important conversation then give to Australian CIDs. Dr S Jayaram thinks I live abroad so I do not file a case in court. Ananthapuri hospital should respect NRIs. Non Resident Indians’ contribution is high in the Indian economy. Some of our people left India, which is why unemployment rate came down in India and we went abroad not to make money only, but to help others too.

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