[Resolved]  Ananthapuri Hospitals In Trivandrum India — Bad behavior and treatments from Dr.S.Jayaram

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Trivandrum is a my hometown and I am an NRI, living abroad for many years. This year I underwent a treatment at Ananthapuri hospital in Trivandrum, India. I was there for four months receiving treatment from Dr.S.Jayaram. During the time, I noticed several bad behavior from Dr.S.Jayaram. Ananthapuri hospital is a centralized air conditioned building and Dr.S. Jayaram’s office is in basement. However, the air condition was never switched on during the period June 2010 to September 2010. I noticed that they have air handling unit, supply air as well as return air diffuser in the basement. I complained many times to the public relation manager, staff, and Dr.S.Jayaram who became angry at me.

When I was in abroad, I had several issuse with immigration department in that country. During the counseling with Dr. S Jayaram asked me several questions regarding what had happened abroad. I am honestly saying, all such questions were unnecessary and he recorded my conversation. I believe he may have sold my information to the immigration department.

I met patients who came to see Dr. S Jayaram. We were all charged 1200 RS for psychological support 600 RS, relaxational therapy 500 RS and 100 RS to take file. The actual counselling session only lasted 15 to 20 minutes but the waiting period was 6 to 7 hours. During this period they never switched on air conditioning. In front of his office there were two rooms where they steam hospital equipments with more than 100 degrees centigrade. The hot air traveled to the waiting area where we were sitting for up to 7 hours. There was no fresh air or any type of ventilation. After I notified the manager, a fan was placed in the waiting area.

Dr S.Jayaram is not a Psychologist but he charged up to 600 RS for psychological support. There are several good Psychologists in Trivandrum, such as Justin , who is a kind hearted man. He is consulting patients in his home . The patients pay him 100 to 200 RS only but he is really happy with this money.

I met and spoke with patients in Dr. S Jayaram’s office who were very poor and got mental illness because of their financial problems. But Dr S. Jayaram charged large amounts of money from them. For example, 1200 RS for 15 to 20 minutes for a single time every week. He said he would inject patients without their awareness. I noticed he would inject once a month only but he charged every week same amount of money.

Dr. S. Jayaram is a member of the India Medical Association, Chathannur President (Kollam), and a member of Indian Psychiatric Society-South Zone. I strongly believe Dr. S. Jayaram did MBBS and DPM only to make money and not to serve others. MBBS and DPM comes as God’s own gift.

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