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My name is manne hema srinivas
On july 11 the fraud company in the name
Flex enterprises from aurangabad maharashtra took my signature and proof in app my proof and signature attached to agreement for the of 1500 forms filling in 10 days. Later i checked about company in google
I decided that it’s a fraud company it’s a fraud for money harassment so i send mail to that company please cancel my agreement the company replied me if you want to cancel agreement then pay 4500 rs per agreement after 10 days that means on july 23 the advocate registered name is pooja but phone call voice is male voice he is asked me 6100 rs for charges pay with in one hour if you not pay he blackmailed me to file a cyber case against me kk on that i payed 6100rs next day another advocate named as divya call me asked 30000 rs for cancel the agreement i asked madam please give some time to analyse she said i am not give you time pay with in half hour i am requested her right now it is not possible to adjust that much amount my family is a middle class family iam student please wait some. After she replied me kk please pay 20000 i may help you to your agreement cancellation i requested it is not possible right now that much big amount she told me file case against you and sent police to your home please help me

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