[Resolved]  Angels Advanced Clinic — Pay my dues

Angels Advanced Clinic Phone
+91 44 2621 3468
+91 40 4647 4849
Angels Advanced Clinic Website
Angels Advanced Clinic Address
RVR Towers, AA Block 3rd Main Rd, AA Block, Shanthi Colony, Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – 600040

All you guys being clients were cheated but I was an employee there who was treated in the most unprofessional manner.
First they promise you of a job and high expectations. Later they make you sign contracts which binds you for years and you will have to pay a certain amount if you leave within the contract period.
Then they treat you like bonded labor with their heavy redtape rules and policies which are in no way close to Labor law or employment procedures/SOPs.
They don’t even give an appointment letter to any staff. If someone is really conscious they will give Offer Letter saying you are a trainee for minimum 2years and you will be paid a stipend (this happens to all irrespective of their work experience or position offered).—WOW!!
They inform you there will be 1 month training and after joining they start opening their Pandora box…Work hours are more than 10hours…No offs on weekend, No paid leaves at all, Training period is not paid…90% are women, and if you are disliked by your immediate superior then you are in for a royal treat…they force you to take leaves which are obviously unpaid..They don’t call you for training and expect performance from day 1…These are just a few and there are many more harrassments that they put the staff into and expect 100% performance with no returns. They promise to clear dues on time but once their documentation is cleared they wont care a damn.
Its not only a horrible place to work even a worst place to use the services…BEWARE PEOPLE!!

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