[Resolved]  Angels Advanced Clinic Pvt Ltd — Fraud on skin treatment

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+91 44 2621 3468
+91 40 4647 4849
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Angels Advanced Clinic Address
RVR Towers, AA Block 3rd Main Rd, AA Block, Shanthi Colony, Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – 600040

Angels is a fraud company, cheating people, which does not have professionally qualified or a licenced staff.

Today i had been Angels – Bangalore, Indira Nagar Branch, for Color improvement treatment, where they charged me Rs.300/- for consultation fees, did nothing, and they told me that the cost per sitting will cost Rs.5000/-, if i pay them in advance for 3 sitting than the cost will be Rs.12000/- for 3 sitting.

I thought of taking three sitting and paid Rs.12000/- after which they took me for the treatment which was nothing but a regular facial which is done much better in a small parlours charging just Rs.500/-

when i came out from the treatment i told the lady at the reception that i am not interested in taking other two sitting, since its not worth even Rs.1000/-, since i have taken one sitting just deduct Rs.5000/- and pay back Rs.7000/- for which they refused.
I went to the near by police station and took the Police inspector to Angels, then they have accepted in front of the Police that they will pay back my Rs.7000/- by Monday.

They don’t have any Specialised Doctors, the employees who are doing the treatment are not professionally qualified nor they have any specialised equipment.

They are cheating people. If they don’t pay back my money by Monday, than i will file a case against the Angels and there product.


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