Anush Consultants — cheating money and not even attending call

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+91 42 7226 8703
+91 99 4447 7919
+91 42 7226 8055
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148 A, Second Agraharam, Salem, Tamil Nadu, India – 636001

I have given 5 lakh rupees in anush consultants for kuwait moh in the year 2016 for my sister and as they failed to do the work properly, i did cancelled the propose a year before 2018. I have request them to give back the money. They repaid me 4 lakh rupees after a tons of calls and arguments with them. They promised to give the remaining 1 lakh rupees by january this year. But they are not even attending or calling back now. I payed an interest of 1.5 lakh in the bank itself against the loan of 5 lakh which i had given in the consultancy.

Now days i’m continuously calling them for 1-1.5 hours per day. They are not attending as well as not even replying in whatsapp even if they seen my messages. This fraud company will cheat every one. They have no professional ethics to their. I kindly request the authority to ban this fake cheating agency as such and do necessary action against them. I had already given compliant in the police station and enquiry is ongoing.

No one should give a single penny to these frauds anymore for anything.

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