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+91 80 2801 1200
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Plot No. 300, Phase – 2, KIADB Industrial Area, Harohalli, Taluka Kanakpura, Ramanagara, Karnataka, India – 562112

1st Complaint No. 13611574
2nd Complaint# 13654433
3rd Complaint # 13673358

My geyser was working well & I just called for service purpose to clean the glass tank as it was delaying the heating time and hot water didn’t come in good quantity as it used to.
I esp. requested the CUSTOMER care to send me a senior technician so that I don’t hv to suffer again & again. Yet they took it casually and send me a young guy of 22-23Yrs of age with no GREAT EXPERience.
I had to call your CS four times as your service guy deliberately damaged my geyser by the way he was handling when he came for the first time service visit. He scattered all the geyser dirt on my bathroom floor, shook my geyser to clean the tank roughly and singlehandedly and not bothered about anything.. He lastly inserted the wet plug directly into the socket… Didn’t bother to check and took the money and went away.
Then I again called up ur service center… Another unexperienced technician came called Sandeep and he told me the so called senior technician forgot to switch on the button given inside the geyser panel.
After that it worked for sometime and again it stopped working after a while… I called again and the sent another unexperienced guy Ravi Shankar.. He could’nt do anything… Then finally the first so called senior technician Harmendra came and he told me madam aapka thermostat kharaab ho gya hai to my surprise as I never touch that to change the heating spead.
He was putting a duplicate thermostat… Clever enough to show me he’s opening a new packed thermostat of AO Smith Company & he opened from the side from his teeth… I picked up the packet to see the manufacturing date but I was shocked to see that the packet was stapled from the top in a very clever way… I actually gave him a scolding for fooling the AO Smith CUSTOMERs but that shameless guy wasn’t really bothered… I told him I’m not goin to pay for this fake product… He later came within an hour and got a new one. Showed me the seal. My thermostat is in good condition and still looks new… I wonder why he couldn’t find out the actual fault that he himself deliberately created.
I am a busy person and I’m really pissed off with AO Smith and their service centers as after complaining to them they told me to talk to the supervisor… I told her that’s not my job… That’s ur job to update the supervisor & to look into what the CUSTOMER is complaining!
Last year too your two service guys exchanged my new geyser parts to old ones and I complaint but was never heard… I will surely write to your US department on how AO Smith treat their CUSTOMERs like ###!
Highly disappointed with your useless and painful and thhug services!

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