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Dear Sir,

I had contacted AO Smith directly to purchase a water purifier as i had purchased 4 water heaters earlier from you.

AO smith deputed a person named Mr.Vijay on 30th September 20 and he recommended me to buy R7plus model.

The same was sent by him from dealer sathya and paid for in full

Technician came for installation on 30th & installed the machine. Unable to complete installation as water tap broke.

He came on 1st October and could not install. He claimed that the adapter was defective and he did not have a multi meter to check it. Said there is only one available in rotation.He said he will be back shortly, but did not show up for two & hours. He wasn’t picking calls either. Since this was a kitchen area we were stuck with half cooked food & were not sure when he would come back.

So we coudnt disinfect the place to resume cooking and had to order food out. Sugar patients !!!

Finally, the technician Kanna Biran picked up the call when we tried from an alternative number. He said he was far away trying to gather spare parts, when i asked why he needed spare parts for a new machine he spoke rudely and told me to approach the dealer who sold.

Mr.Yoganand service manager deputed another technician Senthil. The machine worked for a couple of days and today it stopped working. Senthil attended to it, in spite of me telling him that water has been stopped for maintenance and he can come and check when water resumes.But he fiddled with the machine for quite sometime and said everything if fine. He left.

Now water is leaking from the main unit in several places and the tank doesn’t get filled up. Needless visit and a lame attempt. This is the 5th time we have disinfected as these guys and their tools are all over the kitchen.

Now Mr.Yoganand says he will come personally to inspect the machine.

#. So far 5 visits have been made by technicians to install the purifier exposing us during these perilous times ( COVID ) and a simple water purifier couldn’t be installed properly.
6th visit awaited in just 7 days.

#. Technicians put unclean hands into the filter and we simply cannot digest the training levels imparted by you on hygiene… The product in question is all about hygiene..

#. Will you as a customer accept spare parts changes in a new machine ?

#. Even after i have been magnanimous enough to accept a repair on a new product, it is still not functioning and the purpose of switching from cans to purifiers is defeated.. Its just been 6 days of installation and your product sticks out like a sore thumb. I dread the thought of traveling with your pathetic product and service in the future to come.

We simply cannot allow technicians into our kitchen area again and again for a single issue pertaining to a defective product and lack of knowledge on the part of your staff.

My son has taken ill these last couple of days and we have isolated him as a precautionary measure. As i am a comorbid person, i maintain strict sop’s in my house and that includes no entry for outsiders unless it is very important. But i am cornered to a wall while your people are waltzing in and out my place throwing caution to the wind.

Sir, i bought this product out of good intention as a loyal customer.But tell me when will this tirade end. When will you stop harassing us in the name of installation and repair of a new product.

Now, please take back your product and return my money in full. I simply cannot go through the rigmarole now and in future as it is clearly established your product and support service is below standards.

At least act fast in reimbursing my money in full immediately. Please do not attempt any further repairs at my place.. I would rather live with my local water can guy for my water needs than pay a premium for a purifier only to invite stress, anxiety and exposure.
A totally disappointed customer
Kannan G

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