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Dear Sir/ Madam,

Sub: reg complaints raised vide 14331415 / 11921424 / 11495011 / 09968166
I have boughtAO Smith Water heater product from one of your reputed dealer.
From the day I bought i.e. 18/03/2018, I have been facing problem with the Water heater.
after water heating I do not get inflow of water in Hot water tap. For the same I have raised multiple complaints. None of them have told me that there is manufacturing defect which I have been raising since day 1. All the technicians told me that there is a problem with Apartment water tap that has been fixed. After spending almost 30k to completely damaged and replacing the existing tap ( though plumber said water pipe is clear and unncessarily you are spending money for this), I have told plumber to get it done as I had lot of faith on AO smith as its is an international brand. To my surprise, I have raised 3 complaints before warranty period. Every technician told me that to to press red button whenever I get electricity problem inside the geyser. Secondly I have also replaced Power plug to better capacity which I also did.

Before, I used to get 10 hot drops per second when I purchased the product, Now I am getting only 2 drops after opening the tap. This is very clear that AO smith has cheated me completely that when they are aware of the problem from DAY 1, they have just tried to escape instead of fixing the exact issue. Now, post warranty, your techinican is saying that you need to buy to new geyser or water heater as there is a problem inside the water heater and not with tap and it is their since long time. He tried to clear with screw driver and all types of mechanisms when he visited.
Please find the below tickets that have been raised for auto switch off of water heater or low pressure in water. Both have been expalined when technicinan visited the place. I seriously not in a position to throw out this water heater as still it look brand new and maintained well. I cannot afford to buy another geyser just because of your in capability of replacing the faulty material. Looking forward for your prompt and quick revert.

Below are the compalints raised for one product as the geyser is getting switched off frequently because of low water pressure.
Ticket No:
I will be putting this in consumer forum if this doensnt get resolved.

Kiran Kumar K

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