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+91 44 4391 6699
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APC Consultants / Asia Pacific Consultant Address
Exotica, 24/51,Venkatnarayana Road, 7th Floor, T. Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – 600017

Myself kiran nikam, order number 9161. I have bought aqua ultra ux21217 cresta model in rs 5799/- from supplier’s website. Ref to the specifications described for this model, the actual product supplied is not matching at all. The uv lamp provided is of local made & the uv function not working. The web page described 11w philips made uv lamp, absolutely misguided. The model is advertised with auto tds control, however please note it’s fake. Actually the product i have received is not equipped with auto tds control feature.
I wanted to return the product, but you will find only one mentally ill & stupid person in customer care, who won’t listen to your concern.
About service, you should be competent enough to manage on own, since already you have taken a risk by making payment to such cheap suppliers.

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